Conference Purpose

The Small Farmers Conference 2010 will continue its objective to be a part of the educational outreach efforts to the citizens of Mississippi.  This year the conference will convene in Jackson, MS.  The Regency Hotel and Conference Center will serve as our headquarters as we launch our 19th year session. The exciting theme, “Cultivating the Way....for Prosperous Generations” fully exemplifies the commitment to our clients, and to the small farmers and ranchers of this great state of Mississippi.

There are several exciting learning sites that will be both educational and fun for the participants. At these sites there will be professionals on hand that can assist in getting conference attendees from one level of awareness to another. This is a continued effort to provide technical assistance while making it enjoyable. 

In addition, the conference convenes in the spirit of excellence as we reach out of the box to introduce new and exciting information that will take each participant to a greater level in their respective positions. This statewide conference continues to focus on assisting participants creatively in starting new enterprises on their farms, and in gaining a wealth of knowledge through new marketing strategies and business opportunities.

We encourage farmers, cooperatives, women in business, those who are just beginning to farm as well as those who are interested in starting new enterprises to attend this conference.  We, also, invite educational professionals, non-profit development specialists, federal and state agriculture and business development staff, and those who provide rural business development assistance to join us.

About Alcorn State University Extension Program

Alcorn State University Extension Program (ASUEP) offers the knowledge and resources of the land-grant university system to educate Mississippians for self-improvement, individual’s action, and community problem solving. ASUEP is a statewide educational agency in partnership with Mississippi State University. 

The Extension Service is linked in a unique partnership with the nationwide Cooperative Extension System. ASUEP serves twenty-eight counties with educational activities designed to fit the needs of local residents.  County extension agents and specialists work as community educators and facilitators to provide these programs.  Extension specialists located at Alcorn State University and Off-Campus Centers provide expertise and materials to support local educational programs.   

The Extension agenda covers four base programs areas: Agriculture and Natural Resources, Family Nutrition and Fitness, 4-H and Youth Development and Community Development.

The Extension Staff is striving to bridge the gap between the university and the community by providing programs, workshops, tours, news releases, and brochures that serve people of all ages regardless of socioeconomic level, race, color, sex, religion disability, or national origin.

Mississippi Association of Cooperatives (MAC)

The Mississippi Association of Cooperatives (MAC) is an association of the Federation of Southern Cooperatives/Land Assistance Fund.  MAC has been developing cooperatives throughout Mississippi for the past 38 years.  Chartered as a non-profit organization, MAC’s membership consists of farmer-owned cooperatives and community development credit unions.

The Center for Cooperative Development is a project of the MAC which was established in June 1997.  The Center is comprised of seven partner organizations; is unique in its mission, its partnering with other organizations, and its focus on cooperative development in limited resource communities.  The Center for Cooperative Development is one of two centers that focus virtually 100 percent of its effort toward providing resource opportunities throughout minority and limited resource communities.